Indian Man Granted Divorce Over Wife’s Intimacy Demands


DivorceAn Indian man complained to court he could not satisfy his wife sexually and begged for divorce, which he was eventually granted. The exhausted spouse stated his woman’s “excessive and insatiable’ desire for sex” as the reason for split, Daily Mail reports with reference to the Times of India.

He narrated to the judge of Mumbai court that the happy couple tied the knot in 2012 but since then she had harassed him for sex non-stop. The man also alleged that his craving wife would force him into having unnatural sex. Whenever he tried to say “no!”, the woman would abuse him until he agreed to the intercourse. He posed the allegation that his beloved gave him some drugs and forced him into drinking alcohol to make him desire her and spice up their sexual life.

The husband narrated to the court he had to work hard, which already exhausted him a lot. But the woman would not listen and would put unbearable pressure on him to have her needs satisfied. An incident occurred more than 6 months after their wedding. The man was hospitalized with stomach ache. To abstain from sex with her spouse, the woman went to her sister’s house, but in 2 weeks she returned demanding for intimacy despite the fact that doctors had advised the patient to stay away from intercourse until his full recovery.

He attributed his health deterioration to the lack of rest as a result of her lust. About a year later the man had appendicitis removal surgery and his wife still insisted that they have sexual relations, even as he struggled to recover. He asked her to turn to the psychiatrist, but she refused and regarding their relationships threatened to find another man to satisfy her needs. Fearing for his health and generally not being able to handle the situation, he begged for divorce as their marital life became intolerable for him.

The husband’s request was satisfied and he was granted divorce.

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