Meet 3 Year-Old Boy Who Weighs Over 70kg And Can’t Stop Eating


The three-year old Brazilian boy, known only as Misael, is said to weight 11 stone (154lb)

The Brazilian boy simply known as Misael weighted 2.9kg when he was born but every month since then, he has gained approximately 3 kilograms. The poor boy, who is supposedly suffering from Prader–Willi syndrome, now weighs 70kg and is struggling to walk. Classic signs and symptoms include constant craving for food and rapid weight gain. Misael eats frequently and consumes large portions and even then he still feels hungry. The boy also has serious behavioral problems and his parents have to hire a private taxi to transport the boy to a local hospital.

Misael was born a healthy 6lb 6oz (2.9kg). But every month since then, he has gained 6lb - causing him to balloon in size and leaving him struggling to walk 

While syndrome itself is not life threatening, the compulsive eating and resulting weight gain can be. That is why restricting a child’s diet is a particularly important part of managing their condition.

Doctors now believe he may be suffering from Prader–Willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition characterised by a constant hunger and desire to eat

“And when we walk down the street, people stop, want to take pictures with him, people say that they never saw a boy this size.”

Children with Prader–Willi syndrome will eat three to six times more than others of the same age - and will probably still feel hungry

Although there is no cure for Prader-Willi syndrome, treatment aims to manage such symptoms as a permanent feeling of hunger, which can easily lead to dangerous weight gain, reduced muscle tone, learning difficulties and behavioral problems.