NFL Suspends Ray Rice Over Domestic Violence Accusation + Wife Blames The Media


On Monday, a video of Ray Rice, the Ravens running back, punching his then fiancée in the head and leaving her slumped on the floor of an elevator, was released on TMZ. It was greeted with shock. By the early afternoon, the Ravens tweeted that they were terminating Rice’s contract. That is an appropriate response, except for one thing: we’ve known for months that Rice had hit Janay Palmer and left her unconscious; there had been a video already, of him dragging her inert body out of the elevator in a hotel in Atlantic City. And yet, somehow, the video from inside the elevator was not what some purportedly well-informed observers expected. The N.F.L. had investigated the incident, and only suspended Rice for two games; that didn’t fit with the pictures on the screen. But what did people think it looked like when

See the video below & her response

Her response:

janay rice presser

There are questions that victims of abuse are expected to answer every day. They are the questions that Janay Rice is being asked to answer now

Why did she stay? How could she have married him?