Nicki Minaj Shows Off Some Serious Under-Boob As She Dances In A Crop Top


Setting the record straight? The star has been accused of having a boob job but no scars could be seen as her top rose upThat's an eyeful: Nicki Minaj showed off some serious side boob as she partied at Club 79 in Paris

The rapper was seen dancing seductively in a club, wearing a teeny turtle neck crop top, which looked a few sizes too small for her ample cleavage. The fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra meant that those close by were given a good glimpse of some serious under-boob as her top rose up while she danced.

She completed her outfit with a pair of matching skin-tight leggings, which showcased her famously curvy derriere, and a pair of black and gold ankle boots.

Flaunt what you have got, they say … you like?