Unclad Photo Leak: No Problem! Says ‘Russian Politician’ Olga Lyulchak After iCloud Hack

Olga Lyulchak world's sexiest politician
 Olga Lyulchak, a 30-year-old woman running for a seat in the Ukranian parliament, just laughed it off when private, unclad photos of her appeared on the internet last week.

 Lyulchak is running on the ticket put forth by the Ukranian Democratic Alliance for Reform, or UDAR party, which is known informally known as the “Punch Party,” because its leader is retired world heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko, who earlier this year was elected mayor of Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev.

But Lyulchak scoffs at any political impact from the unclad and semi-unclad photos, which appeared on the site of a Ukrainian blogger, Oleksandr Baraboshko. The politician says that her iCloud account was hacked to obtain the photos, in similar fashion to the hundreds of unclad photos depicting — or allegedly depicting — female Hollywood celebrities in a massive online leak.But asked how she felt about the unclad photo leak, Lyulchak said simply, “I really don’t care.”

Among the reported victims of the celebrity leak is actress Hayden Panetierre, who is engaged to marry current heavyweight boxing champ Wladimir Klitschko — younger brother of Olga Lyulchak’s political mentor Vitali Klitschko. But Lyulchak says she is not ashamed that unclad photographs of herself are now circulating publicly, because she considers them “art.”

“The world honors the great works of great masters such as Van Gogh, Titian and others,” Lyulchak said. “They created unclad beauty which was admired. In our day and age woman who appear unclad are considered vulgar or shameful. I can’t understand it. I think they are pure art.”

Olga Lyulchak’s relaxed response to the violation of her privacy stands in contrast to American celebrities, who have been victimized by apparent iCloud hacks that resulted in leaked unclad photos. Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton have threatened harsh legal measures against the leakers — if the online thieves are ever caught.

In fairness, unlike the grainy unclad selfies of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian that have appeared as part of the recent celebrity leak, photos of Lyulchak now online appear professionally produced, and generally tasteful, if sultry.

World's sexiest politician Olga Lyulchak.

Nonetheless, not everyone in Ukraine feels as nonchalant as Lyulchak about the unclad photos of the woman some are now calling the “world’s sexiest politician.” The leaked photos have stirred heated debate inside the embattled country.

Olga Lyukchak was formerly a member of Kiev’s city council, but she lost her seat in the same May elections in which Vitali Kltschko was voted into the mayor’s office on his fourth attempt. The Ukraine parliamentary elections are scheduled for October 26.