Obama Sparks Anger By Saluting Marines With Drink In His Hand


Americans weren't amused after the White House posted a short video clip showing the commander-in-chief casually saluting a pair of US Marines while holding a drink

His two cents: In response to a tweet from one of his followers about the coffee cup salute, Donald Trump proclaimed Obama's faux pas 'terrible!' 

JUDGMENT: With no news photographers catching the embarrassing moment, some are scratching their heads about why the White House published the video clip on its own

President Barack Obama saluted a pair of United States Marines on Tuesday while holding what appeared to be a cup in his saluting hand, a breach of military regulations that won’t win him fans among veterans and servicemen. Obama is known for drinking tea, not coffee, when he travels, especially before delivering speeches. His quasi-saluting gesture was an instant embarrassment for the White House, and not because his environmentally taboo drinkware clashed with the green-policy speech he was on his way to deliver at a UN Climate Summit.

It’s customary for a commander-in-chief to salute uniformed servicemen and women who salute him first as a sign of respect. President Ronald Reagan reportedly began the tradition and future presidents, both Republicans and Democrats, followed suit.

Big deal or not?