Photos: 55 Year Old Woman Scarred For Life After Laser Hair Removal On Her Face Goes Wrong


Vanda ThomasVanda Thomas shows the burns she suffered after she underwent laser hair removal treatment

A woman has been left scarred for life after a beautician botched a laser hair removal treatment – on her face.Mum-of-two Vanda Thomas, 55, has terrible scarring under her chin after she spent £50 to get some wispy hairs removed at her local salon.

But instead of leaving her with a smooth chin, Vanda is forced to cover up her scars daily with heavy make-up, after the unqualified beautician scored her face with deep burns by using the powerful laser on its highest setting.

Time for regulation of the beauty business. What do you think?


  1. NO ,the silly woman CONTINUED even though she said she was “in agony”

    Stupid woman, use tweesers, and DONT bring your “i know i am stupid but i can sue you” idiocy .Get a bloody life AND a job and DONT expect to LEECH from others.

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