Photos: Check Out Nick Cannon’s N360m Diamond Encrusted Shoes!


Mariah Carey’s enstranged husband, Nick Cannon, stepped out in $2.2million (approximately N360m!) diamond encrusted shoes at America’s Got Talent a few days back.They are the World’s most expensive shoes which are he actually his!!! A top Beverly Hills jeweller Jason Arasheben, who created the shoes, told Women’s Wear Daily:

‘Not very often do I get a request for the most expensive shoes in the world.When Nick approached me last year, he said he wanted to make history and be so over the top.He wanted to set a new standard in diamonds. ‘How can we make the most expensive pair of shoes in the world and make this finale special?’ he asked me.

We didn’t want him looking like Frankenstein when he walked, we still needed to consider functionality.He’s not going to win a race or play basketball with these. It’s still a piece of jewelry. As long as he’s not too overly aggressive in the shoes, everything should be all right.’

Wow, with all that money you could own a huge estate somewhere in Naija!!! Lol. Can you spend that amount on a shoe … even when you can afford it?