Photos: Meet The Father Who Lost Lips & Four Limbs To A Flesh-Eating Bug


Alex Lewis, 34, lost all four of his limbs as well as his lips when a common cold turned into a flesh-eating bug last November 

A young father who lost all four of his limbs when a common cold turned into a flesh-eating bug has endured a 20-hour operation to rebuild his lips.Alex Lewis, 34, lost his arms, legs and parts of his face to a deadly virus but has now had his face transformed using flesh from his shoulder.

He underwent two days of gruelling surgery to open his mouth back up and give him back his lips.Mr Lewis spent six hours in the operating theatre at Salisbury District Hospital while surgeon Dr Alexandra Crick opened up his mouth and stitched in a temporary sponge foam. More photos below

 The father-of-one has now undergone a 20-hour operation to rebuild his lips using flesh from his shoulder 

Extra skin was finally stitched onto the left side of his mouth, which will be removed in two weeks if there are no problems with the healing process. The new skin around Mr Lewis’ lips will eventually turn the same colour as his face, the skin will shrink and there will be no scarring. Mr Lewis, who lives in Stockbridge, Hampshire, with wife Lucy and their three-year-old son Sam, said:

‘This feels like an incredible step forward to the end result.I feel now the worst is over and I can now look forward to the healing process of my face changing.

The former pub landlord (pictured with his wife Lucy and son Sam) credits his family and friends for their support over the last nine months

Mr Lewis says he hopes people will appreciate the level of surgery and skill that was undertaken to build his new mouth, although he admits he finds he finds looking at pictures of his new lips 'funny in a macabre way'. He is pictured following the first stage  when surgeons attached foam to help create his new lips

Mr Lewis (pictured with son Sam) wants his photos to be published so he can be a role model to his son and send a positive message to others with facial disfigurements



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