Photos Of Strange Aircraft Linked To Synagogue Church Building Collapse


Strange Plane 1

Prophet TB Joshua linked the building collapse of one of his church buildings to a strange aircraft. A Facebook post from ‘TB Joshua Ministries’ stated that a South African visitor named Shadrack Mamzini to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) took a picture of the suspicious aircraft on the day of the tragic incident.

“While I was taking the last picture, I saw a very big aircraft,” said a statement attributed to Mamzini on Facebook. “It was something which was unusual in the way it looked. It did not look like a passenger plane or an ordinary plane. My worry was that it was too low to the building. By the time the incident happened and the man of God spoke about it, I went back to check all the photos I had taken…I zoomed in on this picture where I saw the aircraft clearly.”

The death toll has risen to 80. See more photos below

Strange Plane 2

Strange Plane 3