Photos: Online Retailer, Amazon, Criticised For Selling ‘Unclad Lady’ Golf Tees


Teed off: The unclad lady golf tees, which it is claimed promote violence against women

Sport shops and online retailer Amazon have been criticised for selling ‘unclad lady’ golf tees – over claims they promote violence against women. The tees, which are shaped like unclad women, see golfers place, and strike the ball, where the woman’s head should be.   Stephanie Davies-Arai, 55, complained after seeing the tees for sale in her local Inter Sport shop in Lewes, Sussex. A pack of six cost around £3.

No joke: Inter Sport in Lewes said the tees used to sell 'really well', but following a complaint they began displaying them less prominently and sales had dropped

A spokesman for Inter Sport in Lewes, said the shop would not stop selling the item which sold ‘really well’ before they moved them to a less prominent display.

He said: ‘We have stocked these for about ten years as a novelty item which is bought by a lot of wives for their husbands at Christmas time. ‘A regular customer took offence to them 18 months ago so we took them off prominent display and put them behind some balls.

‘They used to sell really well but we don’t sell many now because of where we moved them to. ‘We are not going to take them off display. We’ve only had two complaints in ten years. If we had regular complaints or the company withdrew them, then we would respond.’

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