Photos: The Story Behind The Liberian Woman Found Hanging At Isheri-Oke In Lagos


There was confusion on Bankole Street, Isheri-Oke, Lagos this morning when residents woke up to the sight of a woman hanging on a tree. The woman, popularly called Kate in the area, was found dead in a black sweater and orange skirt under a pear tree. The woman was a Liberian who worked in a sachet water factory before she died. While they said that the woman had been sickly for some time, the residents said she did not appear to have any problem with anyone in the community.

But after the outbreak of the Ebola disease, some of the people in the area opted not to have anything to do with her.

Residents who pleaded anonymity said,

“We see her in this neighbourhood every day. She always looked sick but people stopped selling to her after the Ebola outbreak. It could be because she was Liberian and looked sickly. This might have frustrated her.”

Another resident who spoke to our correspondent after his request for anonymity was granted said, “She attended a church in the area and her church members still saw her yesterday. I used to see her every day in the dress she died in. She was sick and people in this area had avoided her, especially after the Ebola outbreak.”



  1. Stigma,excommunication with no personal justification is a raging virus that kill quickly $ silently too,her migration from Liberia to nigeria is not known,let alone the dreaded EVD stigma,let us be our brother’s keeper at all times,stigma does not prevent any pestilence from infecting,poor woman.

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