Zimbabwe’s First Lady Awarded PhD 2 Months After Enrollment


If only I had known, I would have gone to a Zimbawean university o! President Robert Mugabe’s wife was awarded a PhD only two months after she enrolled at the University of Zimbabwe, where her husband is chancellor. Local media reported that Grace Mugabe was awarded her doctorate in sociology at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ). It is understood that for her thesis, Mrs Mugabe conducted a study of children’s homes in Zimbabwe.State broadcaster ZBC reported that the first lady said she had to work hard to earn the degree.

However, UZ lecturer Professor Greg Linnington told local newspaper, the Standard, that a doctorate involved writing a thesis and that would often take several years to complete.Another lecturer and university administrator who spoke under condition of anonymity, said people would need a good Master’s degree in order to enrol for a doctorate.

How did grace complete hers in just two months?


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  2. She must really be a hardworking student to cover this in just 2months. I bet she was the only one that graduated in her class…dictatorship to the core. We consider her degree a honorary one at most. Sickening system

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