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kilimanjaroThe much awaited long weekend is finally upon us. If you’re like me, you probably can’t wait to get out of the office and take a quick trip away! Tanzania, home to Africa’s highest mountain and several famous national parks and game reserves is definitely hot on the tourist map. Africa’s Number 1 Hotel Booking Portal, Jovago.com has put together a list of five things to do when visiting Tanzania:

  1. Climb Mount Kilimanjarokilimanjaro

But you already knew this would be the first thing on the list. Mount Kilimanjaro stands 5,895 metres above sea level making it popular among climbers from all corners of the world. Not much of a climber? No need to fret. There are plenty of options available via your tour guide to suit your climbing or hiking preferences. You can explore the Shira Plateau, see craters and wildlife whilst enjoying scenic views. The natural park surrounding the mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which can be enjoyed by those who do not wish to climb.
















  1. Enjoy a Balloon Safari over the Serengeti National Park

The oldest and most popular national park in Tanzania is the UNESCO World Heritage Site which comprises of 1.5 hectares of savannah and very diverse wildlife. The park is mostly famous for its annual great migration and sees an influx of zebra, Thomson’s gazelle and wildebeest which stomp freely through the vast open plains, along with their predators. At any time of the year, tourists can go on balloon safaris over the park and enjoy a unique view of all the wildlife and the amazing scenery.



  1. Go on a Game Drive in the Ngorongoro Crater


The Ngorongoro Crater is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, a world-renowned place of wonder and home to some 25,000 animals. At the Ngorongoro Conservation Area you can see humans living with wildlife in this volcanic caldera. The game drives are a great way to see the wildlife flourishing in their natural habitat and something you don’t want to miss out on.



  1. Relax on a Beach in Zanzibar


Zanzibar Island boasts an array of beaches which beckon to tourists to kick back and relax after a safari. On the east coast, there is a continuous line of coral reef and white sandy beches lined with coconut palms and small coves, and honestly, just bliss. On the northwest coast, you’ll find non-tidal beaches where you can enjoy a swim. Those who are looking for less touristy spots can visit the southwest coast where there are lagoon coves and coral cliffs. You can enjoy a picnic on any of the beaches on the southwest islands and many have suggested the northeast island of Mnemba is the finest beach in Zanzibar.

zanzibar beach


  1. Maasai Cultural Tour


The Maasai are a famous tribe situated in northern Tanzania, known for their unique customs and clothes. Not a whole lot is known about the Massai tribe origins, but their history spans over 2,000 years. Tourists can experience authentic lifestyle of the Massai tribe firsthand by going on village and cultural tours. There are several tour packages available, and some even allow the opportunity to pass the night in the village with the locals.massai

Of course, there are a million and one things to do in Tanzania, from food, to shopping, countless tour packages, but these are top five on my to-do list and I thought it would be awesome to share. Whatever you choose to do, always remember to soak in as much culture as possible and, above all else, have fun. And if you would like to go on an all-expense paid trip, Jovago is running a Facebook campaign here on campaign.jovago.com that you should definitely check out.


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