Jonathan Declares He Will Contest 2015 Election


After many months of suspense, President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday opened up on his intention to seek re-election during the 2015 presidential election. All organs of the Peoples Democratic Party had before now endorsed the President as the party’s sole candidate for the election.

“President Jonathan today (Thursday) met with the leadership of the PDP and party leaders from the various zones of the country. He thanked them for giving him the right of first refusal as far as the party’s presidential ticket was concerned.The President told them that he had accepted their offer and he was interested in the presidential race.He told them that he will come and pick up his nomination form before the deadline stipulated by the party.”

 Even though he had   kept mum on the matter, his body language clearly showed that he had made up his mind to seek re-election. Jonathan, who has already raised a 37-member declaration committee, will   formally declare any day between November 7 and 15.



  1. In as much as I know that GEJ has already won the election even before the votes are cast due to massive and vicious RIGGING,I honestly have started falling for General Buhari,with a possible Fashola or Amaechi as the running mate. Can you imagine someone of the General’scalibre and status going to borrow from the bank for nomination form fee??

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