Man Who Abandoned His 3 Kids For 8 Years Finally Speaks Up


Adepegba, the children

The father of the three children abandoned in a boarding school for eight years in Ogun State, Mr Segun Adepegba, said hardship pushed him to the wall and that was why he could not take care of his children. He, however, promised to visit them before the end of the week. The father of three, said “life has been very tough for me.” He said he left the children because he was jobless and had no house to accommodate them. If you missed the first part of the story, read it here

Adepegba further explained:

“In 2007, my wife and I had a misunderstanding and she told me she was leaving me. I was frustrated and the children were little. Seyi, the youngest was just two years while Titilola was just five.


“There was no way I could give them motherly care. I had no job. As a man, I needed someone to help me take care of them and that was why my sister suggested that we enrol them in a boarding school.”

He said when the children’s bills kept accumulating and he had no means of paying, he was afraid that if he came to the school, the proprietor would get him arrested.

“I feared that if I suddenly appeared at the school, the proprietor would get the police to arrest me. I really appreciate the proprietor of Solid Rock Model College, for coming to my rescue and accepting the responsibility to help me take care of   my children. The truth is this: I was pushed to the wall. I didn’t want my children to be beggars on the street.


“All these years, I have been jobless. I had no house to live in. I was putting up with someone. I just rented a one-room apartment and just got a job. I am not a wicked father. I really miss them but I am gradually overcoming the challenges I have been facing. I did not abandon them in that sense. I can assure you that before the week runs out, I will visit them.”

Asked whether his wife had called him about how the children were doing, Adepegba said since she left him in 2007, he had not heard from her.

“The last time we saw each other was probably in 2007 when she left me. I have been trying to reach her but my search has not been fruitful. I heard that she is somewhere in the northern part of the country,” he said.

The school authorities has no intention of getting Adepegba arrested for his debt. The proprietor said,

“I have nothing against Mr Adepegba and I understand his plight. My grievance was that he kept on rejecting my calls and abandoned his children. How could he as a father leave his children for this long? It is not a good thing.”

The news of their father’s return had lifted the heart of the children. The children were all smiles when they were told that their father had promised to return before the end of the week.

Seun, the eldest of the trio said, “I am very happy that daddy has promised to come back. It means I would not have to spend my holidays in the school again.”


Titilola added, “I hope this is not another promise that will fail. I am really looking forward to seeing him because it will make me very happy.”

Wow! what a bitter-sweet story! After reading the man’s side of the story, do you think hardship is enough reason for the man to abandon his children?