Ray Rice & Janay Praying For Those Mocking Them With Halloween Costumes


You all remember the NFL player Ray Rice who punched his then fiancé Janay Palmer and knocked her out cold in an elevator fight. Palmer and Rice have since made amends and wed. During this halloween celebrations, Ray rice & janay costumes surfaced and the couple didn’t find it funny.  They are saying that they are fully aware of the Ray Rice costumes and they’re telling friends they’re simply praying for the people mocking them.

If you haven’t seen the pictures see one below. Which shows someone dressed up as Ray dragging around an inflatable Janay in an effort to lampoon the infamous elevator attack.

Since the unfortunate incident in february the couple have been baptized in March and they have decided to become born again Christians.Recent reports says Ray and Janay are still committed to the marriage and have vowed to maintain their family and rebuild their lives together.
Photo credit: Reddit.com

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