“University Girls Make N150,000 A Day In My Club” – Shina Edo


Shina Edo, who is the owner of a strip club in Lagos called has revealed to iCampusNG that University undergraduates who work with him can make up to N150, 000 in a day and about N600, 000 a week.

Read excerpts from his interview below.

Where do you get the girls?

We don’t look for them, they look for us. Once you are able to position yourself in this business, the girls would come looking for you. We have accommodation here at no cost and they have all the freedom here, they are making good money and they catch all the fun. We have a clientele, the big boys come here, they come, they don’t pay anything for accommodation, they don’t pay for feeding, their welfares (sic) are well taken good care of and they make good money, so that is why they all keep tripping in. Other girls all over Nigeria, once they hear what we pay them here, they keep coming in and we keep having them, we should have about 70 girls if I am not mistaken.

How were you able to convince them? Was the money part of the luring factor?

Actually the kind of money they make help them to take care of a lot of issues, like most of them are in school and can imagine when you are in school and in a situation where you have to sleep with a guy to get 5/10 thousand or what have you but here you don’t have to sleep with anyone. In a strip club all you have to do is lap dance a guy or sit on him, when you sit on him, you wine and he gives you money, some can give you N5000, some can give you N10,000, some can even give you N20,000, it depends. So the kind of money they make here enables them to take care of their parents, some of them have kids, some of them help their siblings, those going to school take care of their school needs and sort a lot of issues for them.

In this place a girl makes up to a N150,000 in a day that is about N600,000 in a week and when she goes out to tell her friends that this is the kind of money she makes, her friend will want to come too and that is why they keep coming from different parts of the world. We have girls from Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana just name it.

Have you had any parent come here to fight you before?

No, we don’t take minors here, in Nigeria context, a minor is somebody below 23 unlike overseas where a minor is somebody below 18 years of age, so once you are a minor we don’t allow you here in whatever capacity, weather as a dancer or a customer and for guys, once you are under 27 you are a minor and we will not let you in, you must be close to 30 before we let you in, you must be very matured and very responsible.

When you screen the girls what do you screen them for?

A lot of things, we screen them for their body, everything, we do a total system screening on them.

Do you teach them how to dance?

Yes of course, some that does not know how to dance learn from others that knows how too and sometimes in the evening they do practice, if they don’t understand they ask others, so basically they teach themselves. If you don’t know how to poll, we call it polling, you ask others who knows better and once you are taught, the individual is good to go.