Kim Kardashian Appears On Three Covers Of January 2015 Editions Of Elle UK Magazine


Kim Kardashian (2)

Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian appears on three covers for January 2015 edition of Elle UK magazine. Only Kim Kardashian could make a rapid swing from being unclad on The Paper Magazine’s #breaktheinternet campaign, a few days ago, to being elegant on Elle UK Magazine. Quite a rapid transformation showing both extremes. The magazine produced the three covers to celebrate the reality TV star. Photography was done by Jean Baptiste Mondino. Check out more after the break

Kim Kardashian (1)

Kim Kardashian (1)

The magazine stated:

‘In an issue dedicated to self-belief, Kim is a poster-girl for what can be achieved when you have it: She has built a staggeringly influential business empire; she makes £2,000 an hour; she gets 20 new social media followers a minute; her new app made £27m in the first three months.

She has also, through her unerring self-belief, redefined our perception of body beautiful. Kim Kardashian West is, without doubt, one of the most influential women in the world. But most of all, Kim wasn’t born confident.

She had to work hard to achieve self-esteem, and the resilience to face her critics. She discusses this –  and Kanye, Kendall and the role her dad played in making her who she is today – in our exclusive cover interview.’