Must Read: See The Miracle God Performed On My Radio Show This Morning!!!


Wow! I am so excited! This morning while I was on air (Nigeria Info 99.3 FM) on Morning Crossfire, a man, Ajibola, called and was lamenting on his challenges – his friend whom he was living with gave (him and his family) till December 31st to move out of his house. This puzzling situation made his birthday, yesterday, unbearable for him. I was moved by his story …

Usually I do not permit callers to give out their numbers on air but for some strange reason, I let him. After he gave it out I remember telling him that he should not give up, that God is never late. I encouraged him that God can still do it even if he just has a five days before the deadline and even at the last minute, God could still perform a miracle in his life.

A few minutes later, he called back elated that after he dropped, a certain woman (whom he named Angel) called him to offer him a 3 bedroom apartment! Yes, just like that! He was so happy and I was happier that I heeded that inner voice that made me permit him to call out his number on air. I have since closed and I am already at home and he’s still calling to talk about it on the radio!

Just like Ajibola, its still not too late for God to work miracles in your situation! Just trust Him. He is never late!!! May God richly bless the woman wherever/ whoever she is!


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