Photos: Meet 40-Year-Old Indian Yoga Expert Who “Works Out” On His Moving Bike



Gugulotu Lachiram, from Khammam, India has combined his two great passions in life – biking and yoga – to create a death defying form of exercise. The 40-year-old, who has been carrying out his stunts since 2008, said:

“I take the risk while I perform and until today I have not had any accidents. Sometimes I get scared when I perform stunts but it makes me feel happy too. I can do many yoga postures. Some are performed by sitting, standing and lying down. I can stand on a bike on the tank, in the middle and in the end.”


Mr Lachiram, who works as a farmer, has vowed to carry on until he’s 65. He said:

“I completely love doing stunts on my bike and I will continue to do so for the next 15 years.”

The daredevil also said he had a young and appreciative audience. He said:

“People who aged around 45, 50 years say ‘Lachiram this is not good for you’ but today’s youth appreciates and supports me. They want me to continue performing.”


And his son, Govardhan, 17, gave his father his support. He said:

“When I first saw my father doing stunts I got afraid. But I am proud of my dad and I would want him to continue performing this brave act.”

That’s some guts he’s showing here …

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