Obasanjo Laid Foundation For Corruption In Nigeria –Don


A political scientist and speaker at the 39th public lecture on “Bullet versus Ballot: Interrogating Nigeria’s 4th Republic Electoral’s Consultations,” Prof. Adekunle Amuwo, said former President Olusegun Obasanjo failed Nigeria during his tenure.

Amuwo, who claimed he had full knowledge of how Obasanjo emerged the President of the country in 1999, said that the former President’s rule was the genesis of the level of corruption currently being experienced in the country.

He said, “We are in a democracy run by professional non-democrats — men and women who have the financial muscle to ‘outmuscle’ the electorate and the rest of the country because about 70 per cent of the population of Nigeria is poor. In 2001, Obasanjo promised Nigeria would enjoy 24/7 power supply, but he failed. His election in 1999 was massively flawed. He just had to win and Olu Falae had to lose. He represented the Western powers and Africa and did a lot for the two groups by providing an enabling business environment for them to thrive. But he did little for Nigeria.He had all the powers to tame the monster of corruption in the country, but he did not do anything. Things have become so bad that the United States now threatens that if we don’t compose ourselves, they would not give us visas. It’s ridiculous.”

Stating that no reforms had been taking place since President Goodluck Jonathan emerged the country’s leader, Amuwo said there is structural violence against the electorate.Nigeria can recover. However, the ballot should be used to do this instead of the bullet,” he said. Some scholars had, at a consultative meeting of media scholars and practitioners on the 2015 general elections, said the security of lives and property of the electorate was important for its success.



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