See This Amazing Marriage Proposal


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What away to start the year. Read Oluchi’s amazing marriage proposal below:

I was supposed to be on a few days leave. My boss called me and asked me to come in for a meeting. I went to the office early to get other things done. I started hearing music outside so I thought an activation was going on. .
I was in my meeting with my team and I got dragged out to see what my colleague called ‘ the new company advert’. I saw 5 dancers dancing. I didnt understand. But it had been a weird day cos I’ve been getting calls from friends I have not heard from in years. Everyone being super nice. They danced for about 10mins. .

Then 4 of the dancers opened their shirts nd underneath had white shirts with the inscriptions OLUCHI, WILL, YOU, MARRY and the boo came out with a shirt saying ME. Andd I said YES

Congrats to the couple!