Sheriff’s Office Rug With ‘In Dog We Trust’ Typo Sells For Nearly $10,000


A Florida sheriff’s office has turned a $500 mistake into a $9,650 windfall for charity. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s office ordered a new rug, which turned up last week with a typo. The large green rug with the black and yellow Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office logo included the phrase “In Dog We Trust” within one of its crests.

It was supposed to read “In God We Trust.”The Sheriff’s Office said rug manufacturer, American Floor Mats, would replace itThat could have been the end of the story except Sheriff Bob Gualtieri had an idea. He decided to auction off the unique item the “doggone rug,” as he called it  and donate the proceeds to a local rescue.

They had 83 bids but the rug was sold for a whopping $9,650! The money will go mainly toward vet bills.

Photo credit: ABC News