Shocking Photos: Miley Cyrus Goes Full-Frontal Unclad In Risque, V Magazine Photo Shoot!


After Miley Cyrus swung unclad from a Wrecking Ball for her now-infamous music video, we thought she could do nothing more to shock us but the pop star has managed to pull it off yet again in a daring new shoot for V Magazine!!! In a series of Polaroid shots featuring provocative poses and full-frontal nudity, she is caught behind the scenes of her Bangerz tour by her close pal Cheyne Thomas. The shots, taken everywhere from Helsinki to Argentina, show Miley killing time between tour dates in her own unique fashion. See the pictures after the break

Pure Miley: Cyrus poses covered in bath foam in a candid Polaroid taken by her pal Cheyne Thomas behind the scenes of he Bangerz tour for V magazine

Some of the more risqué Polaroids show her in her underwear, legs pulled up to her chest, posing provocatively for the camera

Risqué: The casual observer might wonder if Miley is ever clothed
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