Akwa Ibom Government Warns Against Poisonous “Pomo”!


Akwa Ibom State government has sounded a serious warning to the residents, urging them to desist from consuming the poisonous cow skin meat which is being imported into the state by some unknown persons. The cow skin locally known as “kpomo or Kanda” has been discorvered to have been soaked in Mortuary embalment chemicals for the dubious purpose of making it thicker and bigger.

People who consume the cow skin, locally known as Kpomo risked cancer, liver problems as well as diarrhoea and hypertension due to the large amount of salt and chemicals used for its preservation.

The development was disclosed by the director of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Mineral Resources, Dr. Obot Obot, during a press briefing in Uyo, the state capital. He discloses that the sale of the toxic cow skin meat in some markets in the state was discovered four months ago.