American Mom Beat & Chased Her Son Home After Catching Him Rioting On TV


Toya Graham Baltimore mom speaks out after dragging son Michael, 16, from riot

Toya Graham (left) is being hailed for doing her part after a video emerged Monday. She saw her only son Michael throwing rocks at police on TV and then tracked him down. Police Commissioner Anthony Batts praised the mom at a press conference. The boy was dressed in all black and had a black ski mask covering his face (right). The son struggled to get away from Graham as a crowd of rioters looked on. Graham went to high school about ten minutes away from where Freddie Gray was arrested. She works as an assistant manager at an alcohol and drug treatment center.

Now that’s what I’m talking about! This was how our parents raised us – zero tolerance to misdemeanour! Lol. More pictures of the pair after the break

Michael's (right) Facebook feed began to fill up with people who had seen the video of his mom reeling him in

In an Instagram video from two months ago, Michael posed in a very similar outfit to what he wore Monday