Everybody Must Join The Change Process – Prof. Osinbajo


The Vice President-elect, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has urged Nigerians to sustain the battle that brought about a change in government at the recent general elections, saying the process has just begun. Osinbajo called on citizens to continue to engage public officials and participate actively in the change process that started with the outcome of the general elections. This, he said, would bring the desired “relief” to the citizens. In a message posted on his Twitter page on Tuesday, he urged Nigerians to see the outcome of the elections as a motivation to fight harder.

“Many Nigerians fought hard for this. Now we have to fight even harder the good fight for relief to the masses,” he tweeted.

Posting a photograph of celebrating All Progressives Congress chieftains, the professor of law admitted that “there are challenges” ahead. He, however, assured that they “are surmountable.” He said the incoming leadership would require “hard fight” and inclusive participation to achieve success and provide the much-needed dividends to the people.

The former Lagos State Attorney General/Commissioner of Justice has lately sustained his robust social media engagement, reiterating the pre-election promises the APC made to Nigerians. To entrepreneurs, he said that business registration processes could be initiated and completed the same day. He tweeted:

“There is no justice or justification for business registration delays. Why not the same day and a one-stop shop?”

He promised that the next government would put its feet down to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people, adding, “The whole business of participating in politics must have some ethical basis.” He, however, said “citizen engagement and participation is vital” for achieving the promised good governance. Hence, he called on the public to hold the government accountable.

“Government services must be both citizen and business-friendly. Time is of essence,” he said in a tweet extracted from his lecture at the London School of Economy Africa Summit. Osinbajo said the administration of the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, would hit the ground running. To achieve the needed change and do that speedily, he said, “We must fix the engine with car running.”

Change, he said, is not just a campaign slogan, but something that “is possible and doable.” Nigerians, he urged, should believe in “change” and participate in achieving it.