Grant Presidential Pardon To Ibori, Ijaw Group Urges President Jonathan


An Ijaw group, the Ijaw People’s Development Initiative, IPDI, in Delta State, weekend, called on President Godluck Jonathan to grant presidential pardon to the former governor of the state, Chief James Ibori, before his exit from Aso Villa, next month. National President the group, Mr. Austin Ozobo, in interactive with newsmen, said:

“Chief Ibori has suffered enough and there is no justification for not granting him clemency, as had been done to others. Ozobo said Ibori was not the only corrupt leader in the country, but unfortunately, he has undergone indescribable hardship more than others.


“Ibori should be freed. Hundreds of persons, who looted heavily from government coffers are walking freely in the streets. The continuous incarceration of one corrupt man among a million other corrupt citizens cannot change the menace of high level corruption in the country.

‘’Ibori’s imprisonment could be seen as a witch-hunt and such is highly barbaric and provocative and the Nigerian government must quickly do something about his matter. ‘’Despite the ordeals Ibori is passing through, Deltans hold him in high esteem and his great achievements while in office cannot be discountenanceded.

‘’There should be no sacred cow among political office holders. Ibori’s case is not different, he is a victim of circumstances. Release him and let him breathe fresh air and let other corrupt public office holders be tried as well.”

How could the president possibly pardon someone who is jailed in another country???