Push APC Into Atlantic Ocean, Agbaje tells Igbo


The Peoples Democratic Party governorship candidate in Lagos State, Mr. Jimi Agbaje, has urged Igbo across the state to push the All Progressives Congress ‘into the lagoon’ by voting for him on Saturday. Agbaje said this while addressing Igbo traders at the Alaba International Market on Thursday. Read it below:

“Nobody can push you into the Atlantic Ocean. Rather, you should use your votes to push the APC into the Atlantic Ocean by voting massively for the PDP on Saturday,” Agbaje said.

Agbaje said, “Election is like a snake. You have to make sure you win by killing the snake completely by using your votes to drive the APC out of power. The reason why they are harassing you is because they fear Igbo votes. They will try to do ‘shakara’ for you but you must vote massively for the PDP and protect your votes.”


  1. Igbo’s should not miscalculated in Lagos and lost out the way they did in the National election. Don’t allow losers to deceive you. Eko o no bake o

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