Video: House Help Caught On Camera Trying To Breastfeed Boss’ Baby


A screen-shot of the footage captured by a hidden camera. PHOTO | COURTESY

A Nairobi house help was on Friday caught on camera breastfeeding her employer’s nine-month-old baby. The house help, Grace Mwikali Mwema, had barely finished two days in the job when she was captured by a hidden camera in the living room breastfeeding the baby. In the video, she is seen offering the baby her right breast first. She then shifts the baby to the left breast.

But throughout the episode, the baby is resistant to suckling the house help’s breasts. Eventually, the frustrated house help gives up on the unnatural act and let’s the baby to play. The baby’s mother says she could not believe her eyes as she watched a live feed from the nanny camera on her smart phone while at work. See the video after the break