Video: Lagos CP Narates How Kidnapped Orekoya Kids Were Found


The three missing children of the Orekoya family kidnapped by their nanny, have been found in Lagos State where they were taken hostage. Lagos state commissioner of police has explained how the Orekoya kids were found.

We had three little kids kidnapped by the housemaid that was supposed to take care of them.We have been tracking the kidnappers phone numbers .As of yesterday,we narrowed the whole space to Shasha area.The heat was on as we adopted the best technology available to track them.They knew we were on their trail,so when the heat was too much for them,they abandoned the kids in a house and we went to get them

On if the ransom was paid,he said

No..No ransom was paid.We don’t encourage that

He warned against ‘elite’ employees employing housemaids and giving them unlimited access to their homes.He also spoke of cases where housemaids killed her employee and another ran off with their children.
He expressed shock that the Orekoyas employed the housemaid and left her in custody of the kids, just 24 hours after employment