Jonathan’s govt not cooperating with its transition committee – APC


Jonathan's govt  not cooperating with its transition committee, APC insistsThe All Progressives Congress (APC) has insisted, for the umpteenth time, that the Jonathan Administration is not cooperating with the party’s Transition Committee, while describing PDP’s spokesman Olisah Metuh as a man with an incurable disdain for the truth.

”We say, with all sense of responsibility, that as of today, May 14th 2015, just about two weeks to the May 29th handover date, no shred of information as to the status of governance from any Ministry, Department or Agency of government has been given to our Transition Committee,”

”If that qualifies, in Metuh’s lexicon, as cooperation, then there is a problem somewhere. We dare Metuh or anyone for that matter, to controvert the fact that not a line of handover note has been handed over to our Transition Committee. Until then, Metuh has egg on his face,” it said.

APC restated its earlier advise to Metuh to urgently undertake a crash course in how to be an opposition party spokesman so he won’t talk or write himself into avoidable trouble in the days ahead. The party admonished the PDP spokesman to always cross-check the information available to him in order to separate rumours from facts, saying had he done that, he would not have issued the statement in which he tried to cast aspersion on the APC by accusing it of ”fabricating lies” over the issue of the Jonathan Administration’s non-cooperation with the APC’s Transition Committee.

APC assured Nigerians that whether or not the Jonathan Administration cooperates with it during the transition, the party will live up to expectation by providing purposeful governance.