Man Confesses To Killing Wife, Daughter & Sister On Facebook


In an online post, Randy Janzen writes that his torment over his 19-year-old daughter Emily’s debilitating migraines led him to shoot her in the head at a house in British Columbia. He said he gunned down his wife, Laurel, ‘because a mother should never have to hear the news her baby has died’, and his sister, Shelly, so that she did not ‘have to live with this shame’. Shortly after the post was uploaded to the social network on Thursday, investigators confirmed a multiple homicide involving relatives had taken place at two different residences in the province. Police immediately surrounded one of the homes and tried to speak to a man inside. They then fired gas grenades into the house, which caught fire and exploded into flames and also killed Randy.

See his family below

Randy, wife and their daughter. All 3 are now dead along with Randy’s sister
The burnt house
Randy and wife