U.S. Woman Correctly Predicted Full Name Of The New Royal Baby 2 Years Ago!


No bet: Brenna Wilson said she did not have any money riding on her royal baby name prediction 

Spot on: The tweet from Brenna Wilson which correctly predicted the name of the new royal baby, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. But it was tweeted in 2013 as a guess for what Prince George's name would be

A U.S. woman, Brenna Wilson, correctly predicted the full name of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana – except she did it two years ago while Kate was pregnant with Prince George. She tweeted in July 2013:

‘Is guessing the gender & name of the Royal baby a thing? I’m going with Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Too obvious?’

Reacting to its explosion in popularity this morning, she wrote on the social media site:

‘Someone found that tweet and now my notifications are blowing up.’ Earlier Miss Wilson, who lives just outside Boston in Massachusetts, tweeted: ‘hahahah wait. When Kate was pregnant with George, I apparently tweeted she would name him Charlotte Elizabeth Diana before we knew gender.’

Brenna Wilson tweeted her reaction when another Twitter user found the incredible guess she made in 2013

The 25-year-old added:

‘The amount of attention the tweet has garnered is absolutely insane. With the billions of people in the world, I have to imagine someone else was just as lucky at guessing as I was.

‘However, it has led to some entertaining messages. Among the typical witch, sorcerer, psychic, time traveller, or Illuminati references, people have been asking if Zayn will be returning to One Direction, when the world will end, lotto numbers, and football scores.

‘Some of the best responses are the ones with gifs or pictures attached. It also helped that the announcement fell on May 4th for a few Star Wars references.’

But despite making the bold prediction, Miss Wilson said she had not placed a bet on her guess.

‘I wish I had! I could have paid off my student loans and then some! Instead I’ll be kicking myself,’ she said.

Asked why she had chosen the three names given to the new princess, Miss Wilson said:

‘I always liked the name Charlotte – there is something regal and fresh about it. Elizabeth is a classic name, and it obviously has a lot of meaning for the royal family.’

‘I think many people, myself included, were hoping the royals would pay homage to the late Princess Diana. Thus the creation of the baby’s name.’


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