Unbelieveable: Obssesive Football Fan Sets Exam For Girlfriend About His Club, Arsenal


Football fan sets exam for girlfriend about his club Arsenal

An obsessive Arsenal fan made his girlfriend sit for a test he set, questioning her about his favourite football club. Impressively, the girlfriend scored 43.5 out of 50 per cent, to which the man commented, “Well done Saskia! As a result, I will not be dumping you! (Lucky you).” The elated girlfriend posted snaps of the test to her Twitter account, @saskiaisabxlla with the comment:

“Boyfriend made me take an Arsenal exam.”

The test took the form of a school exam, with multiple choice questions, tables to complete, and ‘in your own words section. There were even ‘helpful’ instructions including ‘read every question at least twice’ and ‘check your answers if you have time at the end’.

Questions in the test included:

“What was the scoreline for the 2014 FA Cup Final vs Hull City?”, “What player scored the winning goal in the 2014 FA Cup Final?” and “Name the starting 11 squad of this season in their relevant positions.”

The young lady struggled to come up with the 11th player of the starting squad who is Koscielny, a defender and thought Ozil was in defence instead while Wellbeck was a midfielder, when in fact they are midfield and striker respectively. The unnamed boyfriend was impressed with the end result, grading his woman an ‘A’ and rewarding her by saying he would not dump her.

The dude is “crazy” sha!