“We Check Girls Asses Together” – Ik Ogbonna’s Girlfriend Speaks



This is what IK Ogbonna’s girlfriend said about their relationship:

 “We play a lot. We check girls asses together. Regularly. We go to strip clubs & we can party like we have no future. Our gist game too strong. I have embarrassed myself in front of this man too much so I can say we have reached the highest level of shameless in this our Union. But u know what? He was also there every time I was battling my own demons,issues,frustrations,problems,through all my insecurities&changes.

We grew into better people next to each other. He knows the darkest secrets of mine but he never used it against me,even if we argue. He is my medicine,brother and father I would say sometimes. (continue)
If there is a lady furiously rolling her eyes in bitterness while reading this cuz she “knows this guy is a bastard”,my apology to you,but the truth is,we are simply not made to be everyone’s best choice and function with everyone in harmony and peace.There is only one “the one”. Why Im sharing this with u? No its not about bragging or forcing on “Insta-relationship-fairy-tails”. It’s about friendship. Im still excited cuz I discovered how powerful and beautiful love is and I can’t wait for you to experience it if you didn’t yet. And also to show how grateful and appreciative I am for every effort he puts to make sure I feel ok,loved and never lonely no matter distance we have to face from time to time. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.””