58 Year Old Grandmother Who Says Her Beauty Stops Traffic, Is Put To Test (Photos)


Stephanie Arnott 58 takes to London streets to test beauty

In the exclusive interview Mrs Arnott from Maidstone, Kent, said women were intimidated by her looks and told how her beauty has reduced men to tears and stopped traffic.

To put Mrs Arnott’s claims to the test, ITV’s  sent the grandmother on to the streets of London wearing tight white trousers to gauge the reaction of passersby. But despite the grandmother’s claims that men are left drooling in her wake, Mrs Arnott’s presence did not seem to turn many heads as she strutted her stuff on London’s South Bank.

Stephanie at home in a bikini: 'Women can be intimidated by me because of the way I look, dress and speak. I have class, elegance and beauty, which are all powerful assets'

Stephanie says: 'Last year, I signed up as a mature model, and all the agencies said how amazing I looked - especially when they realised the photos had not be enhanced'

'I’ve wanted new teeth for so long but there’s always been something else to spend the money on – a new Jaguar or a new kitchen – so I’m excited to finally do it'

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