Iman Turns 60 & Slays Vanity Fair Italia July 2015


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Supermodel Iman turns 60 this month. And she is fabulous. For the July 2015 issue of Vanity Fair Italia, Iman Mohamed is covering the issue with high fashion. If you can believe it, this woman is 59, and she turns 60 on July 25th.  Were not sure what she’s eating and drinking, but chick needs to bottle it up, label it and sell that ish for the masses.  No matter the price.

The Somali-American fashion model, actress and entrepreneur is giving all kinds of life in her newest editorial  And f you’re wondering her secret to flawlessness at this age, she told the mag:

“I go to the gym, I am attentive to the diet. And I’m not complaining of the extra pounds, at least a couple, because they act as a natural botox. When women get older the first place you see it is the face that becomes too thin, worn out, tired. And then they go to get botox, but for me the best remedy is a bit ‘overweight’.”

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