Man Finds Out He Has Twins With Girl Who Told Him She’d Aborted The Pregnancy


Story as shared by humansoflagos,

I have two daughters(twins) I didn’t know existed till recently. I wouldn’t have known if someone had not told me they saw a picture of my ‘ex’ with 2 girls who looked exactly like me. 

I got a girl pregnant 14 years ago when I went to Abuja to spend the holiday with my Sister. We were both teenagers and inexperienced, we spent so much time together and one day one thing led to the other and we had sex. It was both our first time and we didn’t know what we were doing.

When her parents found out, her senator father threatened to kill me if they ever see me, they said they would rather abort the pregnancy than let their daughter have a baby for someone from a poor home with no background. Some days later she came and told me her mum took her to a hospital and the pregnancy was terminated, I cried so much that day. She also told me her dad was seriously looking for me to arrest me and they asked her to say I raped her but she refused.  

Apparently, they lied to me about the abortion, there was no abortion. She was sent abroad and she had the babies there. They are still abroad and I don’t know if they even know about me.

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