Married With Kids But In Love With Another Lady


I saw this story and decided to share with you guys.Some of you might be in smilar situation too or know someone who is

I am a banker, 32, married with two kids, boy and girl. My wife works with a MDA in abuja while I work out from Nassarawa. I rented a 2 bedroom flat for them in Lugbe, abuja while i visit every weekend. I love her and love the kids however I notice we dont agree on a lot of things, mostly financial matters. she prefer i spend all on her and her kids and whenevr i am broke, she will gladly lend me cash. I dont ve ish with that and i ve been enjoying it for years now. I cheat on her but i dont see it as cheating but rather caring for my emotional needs. I have talked her into coming to stay in lafia with me before but i noticed she is very comfortable with her job and i dont want to be the reason for career truncation/ dissatisfaction in her life.

i decide to live my life in my own way; strategically sleeping with other ladies as need be. recently, i asked my colleague out. a lady banker, same level. for 3 months now, we have been hot and i can no longer touch or tolerate my wife. my colleague recently took in for me but we took care of it. i am scared as she is madly in love with me and she is available. I am also madly in love with her. i am choosing her over my wife right now. how can I solve this.

Guys I love her, dont tell me to leave her. we enjoy sex together in a way I dont with my wife. Just give your honest opinion to help those that may find themselves in my place someday.


It seems he has already made up his mind. But if you need any advice I will say tell your wife the truth and keep your home. Don’t let another destroy it. Remember communication is the key in any relationship, talk to your wife on areas you need her to improve especially your sex life. Remember the things you liked about her when you first married her and try to rekindle the fire in the r/ship. It’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it.

Don’t forget the sex with this other woman will fade after a while. Be wise. Do it for your kids

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