Toke & Maje: CelebrityTales Of A Trophy Husband & His Trophy Wife


Nigerian celebrities love to copy the west, foolishly most times. So, American celebrities inundate us with scandals, divorces and the absurd; hey we are Nigerians, let’s do our own.

“Let me become Flavour Nabania’s baby mama and share my baby bump on Instagram. Let me use Twitter to congratulate my little niece who just became Davido’s baby mama, even though marriage is not in sight.”

There is no law that says a celebrity cannot keep his or her private life away from the media, IT IS POSSIBLE.Most “notice me” Nigerian celebs don’t realize that in America, scandals are monetized. American Media houses dish out millions of dollars for exclusive interviews with major actors in any given scandal. Hence, broke American artistes do create their own scandals and smile to the bank.

In Nigeria, things are different, we are a very conservative society; Nigerian celebs whose 400k Twitter followers pledge Liberalism and open-mindedness are being deceived. Take it or leave it, in our society an unmarried female celebrity above the age of thirty is seen as irresponsible, her Baby Mama status adds ‘Maggi’ to the insults. Nigerian male celebs are not spared; a successful but unmarried Nigerian man above the age of forty is seen as irresponsible, impotent or gay…or all of the above.

The currently trending scandal about Toke Makinwa and her husband Maje Ayida is one of those useless issues that could have been managed privately. I recall that from the outset Toke Makinwa’s marriage had been controversial, some even referred to it as a hoax. Now this happens, her husband allegedly impregnates his Ex-girlfriend, Anita Solomon.

Lots of married men (and women) do cheat, but when they comfortably impregnate (or get impregnated), not just with anyone but an EX, then it says a lot about the current situation of that marriage.

My verdict is that in the marriage between Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida, someone was very unhappy inside it…clearly that someone wasn’t Toke. We must hear Maje Ayida’s and Anita Solomon’s side of the story. Did Maje want kids and Toke wasn’t ready? Did Toke ‘steal’ Maje from Anita twelve years ago? Did Anita upgrade her *cough* ‘communication skills’ in certain areas while Toke remained static?

Ladies, you all know that Maje Ayide is a billionaire’s son and has a great body too, right?

My conclusion is that Maje Ayide was a trophy husband while Toke Makinwa was a trophy wife. Maje is a Silver trophy while Toke is Bronze, Anita Solomon gets to keep the greatest trophy of all, the Gold inside her.

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