‘Uganda’s Ugliest Man’ Has Become A Father For The Eighth Time (Photos)


Godfrey Baguma and his wife Kate Namanda

Godfrey Baguma known as “Uganda’s Ugliest Man” has become a father for the eighth time.The 47-year-old suffers from a rare and as yet undiagnosed medical condition.  Mr Baguma married wife Kate Namanda, 30, in 2013 and the couple have just welcomed a new baby girl into their family. In 2002 he entered a contest to find the African nation’s ugliest man due to financial difficulties. Mr Baguma has had six children with his wife and also has two kids from a previous marriage.

Speaking of how the pair fell in love he said: “I stayed with her for four years before her people knew where she was.

“I didn’t want them to see me until we had a child because they would definitely advise her to leave me. She left me when she was six months pregnant but I think she later accepted her fate because she came back two months later.I told her that I didn’t choose to look the way I do and that if she feels I am a burden, she is free to leave me.”

Mr Baguma is known as Sebabi – which means “ugliest of them all” and is a former cobbler. He now uses his fame to earn a living and even charged people to attend his wedding. His wife told KFM: “Once you find a man you think is right for you, do not listen to what other people say.

“Follow your heart.

“Money and physical appearance should not be an issue.”

Mr Baguma has now embarked on a career in comedy and music.

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