#RIPPeterBello – Adebola Williams


We do not have a photo together, no memories of trips together but you left a meeting of a life time. I am broken by the news of your death, heavily so that I begin to wonder maybe I should never have responded to that message, well I didn’t at first. So maybe I should never have offered you that drink (I mean I didn’t think much of it, just extending courtesy to Ebuka’s friend) so you wouldn’t have sent me a thank you message, then I wouldn’t have had to respond, so you wouldn’t have come to deceive me with your friendship
Not in a very long time have I met a 26 year old that impressed me this much, quite accomplished but so humble, so kind, so meek, gentle yet so aware and smart and fun and genuine and fearless. In a few weeks you have shared so much of yourself, jumping the queues of many to be a favorite, shared of your aspirations and we would talk through and plan them out, I would ask what you want and you would say pray for me. Maybe I should have prayed more….

You were going to go for your next development course but was worried if you showed interest how they might send you and make you miss your sister’s wedding in September, or Ebuka’s wedding in October or your friend who will have your head if you don’t make the wedding in November. So you would rather delay that progress for three months to be there for these people. That’s who he was. He gave so much and always quick to reject favors. Always quick to tell me you didn’t have to bother. Now I wish I did more, but I didn’t even know what to do for you. I am glad to have done what I could. I remember your message to me accusing me of always feeling like an Angel when I offered to help with your dads present. Peter it was what you gave you got back; I mirrored you to you.
I have ordered your fathers pen with his name engraved as you requested, it will be delivered next week and I will ensure it gets to him as I pay my respects to you.

I think of your last moments and I know you would have first been concerned about the passengers but I also wonder what it’s was like grappling for your life, seeing death in front of you, being stuck in the tight cockpit of a helicopter struggling to remove the seat belt. Will you have that signature smile on your face as you finally let go?
I didn’t think it was you that deserved to lay lifeless in a polythene bag but the Lord has asked me, “who are my to determine when and how?”

I am beginning to accept that the world doesn’t deserve you, God only sent you to show us what he would like us to be and snatched you quickly before this world messes your kind soul. You have gone to the rightful place with the father; Heaven is where you belong.
Rest well Champion!

I can’t begin to imagine what Olamide Adedeji feels, Ebuka Obi Uchendu, Noble Igwe who you always revered and said to me gave you your first job, and many more who have all kind things to say of you.
Oh your mother and father you spoke of so highly, they were your ultimate role models. I am glad I encouraged you to take them to dinner on their last trip, you almost missed it but somehow you did and they loved it. Your sisters you spoke of often with so much pride, Ajoke and others
Time can’t heal this wound but God will touch everyone of them with peace and release succor around them in love.
You are a Champion for life and I wish the world knew you while you were alive. I do hope that everyone of us will take a little lesson from your life and live more purposefully, being truly kind and sharing genuinely wanting nothing back.

We love you Champ!

Odigbere, odoju ala, odi ari na ko.

Omo oko, okurin meta, Peter K. Bello II .

Sun re!

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