Photos: Chinese Woman Offers To Dash Out Her 3 Sons To Strangers After Husband Abandoned Them


chinese woman 1

A woman in China is reportedly trying to give away her three sons to strangers in a busy city.The unidentified woman was seen loitering outside an underground station in Guangzhou, southern China, reported People’s Daily Online. Her husband was said to have recently abandoned her, after which her family home collapsed. Strapped to her with ropes were three boys, all half unclad and under three years old. The woman attracted a lot of attention because under China’s one-child policy, most parents are seen with one offspring.

chinese woman

Therefore it was very unusual to see three children of different ages with one parent. Her actions soon caught the attention of the local police. The woman was said to have showed the police her identity card and the birth certificates of the boys to prove that she wasn’t a human trafficker. According to reports, the woman claimed she was originally from Hunan, central China. She was only 25 while her children were three, two and eight months old.

With no where to go and no money to care for her children, she decided to give them away. One of the children was said to be sick, which made the young mother even more desperate. She exclaimed:

‘I will give my child to whoever takes care of them.’

However, when local police tried to persuade her to go to a shelter, she refused. The woman later left with the three children. At present, it’s not clear whether the incident is a hoax as the woman was seen receiving donations from strangers. It’s also unknown whether the case is being investigated by local authorities.


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