10 Things To Do While Stuck In Nigerian Traffic


This is according to the writer, Wine tapper. He says there is no time to waste lets keep the ball bouncing

1. Do some shopping :
Yes some shopping, the hawkers in traffic can be able to provide you with definitely all that you need for your daily activity ranging from fruits,clothing,soft drinks,drugs,home appliances etc. Even if it is not available at the moment just make the order and it is available the next minute

2. Update yourself
When stuck in traffic and you are sure you aint leaving that point the next minute.. Kindly switch off the Engine and update your self with your cell phone,tablets,laptop by logging on to your favorite news blog/site

3. Relax
After a long stressful day at work and you are stuck in traffic just lower your sit,push it back, stretch your legs and listen you the cool music from your radio, Until the next Danfo driver hits your Glass
: Oga de move now

4. Complete your Daily Activity
Maybe you have any unfinished project in office or your business still needs you at that time you can adjust your seat, switch on your laptop and get the work done !

5. Listen to Music or Watch Videos
Yes, that cool video you have been longing to watch or that music thay you always wish you have time to listen to.. Stuck in traffic is always one of the best time to listen to them . Enjoy !
6. Refill your Stomach 
And that moment you are very Hungry and you know there is nothing you can do other than #Gala_ati_Lacasera

7. Tidy up your Car
Yes most times the only time we have to wash our cars is on saturdays or sunday and during week days the heighest we do is using rag to clean the exterior part.. Now during traffic you can use the moment to tidy up your car, the dust,littered papers,etc

8. Talk with the next Driver
lol yes it is fun, wind down your glass and be like.
Me: Mehhn where have you been all this years tongue

9. Meditate,Prepare yourself Mentally
When stuck in traffic is also one of the best time to meditate, review your day activity at work, things you did and things you failed to do, correct your self and also plan for the next day activity

10 . ** Feel free to add yours **

Written by : Winetapper


  1. Nice tips!here’s one more thing,you can have some intimate time with God.worshipping,praising or praying.just fellowship.you could use your audio or any other source for your music.

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