4 Reasons Why You Should Always Have Airtime On Your Phone


Such information should never be taken for granted because you will never know when you will need them.

1. To avoid borrowing from your service provider: believe it or not, you loose money when you borrow from the likes of Mtn, etisalat, Glo and airtel. this becomes regrettable when u are forced to borrow because there is no place to buy at that moment. whatever amount u borrow they deduct 10% of it from the borrowed amount. if you borrow #1000, they will charge you #100 for it. why not always ensure you have airtime on your phone to avoid buying from “black market” when u are stranded.

2.To avoid being embarrassed: have you ever been in a commercial bus and a chic you have been digging asks you to please “flash” her number so she can know where her phone is? Now that’s the type of embarrassment I am talking about. if you dare tell her you don’t have airtime she would see you as a riffraff , your chances of ever getting her drops. your level of confidence around her drops as well.

3. To make an important call at an odd hour: every one has been in this position, at least once, I guess. you may have that brother that never calls but when he sends you a “please call me”, you know something that needs attention pronto is up. what do u do at this point in time? would u resort to borrowing from Mtn and the likes? well, read point one again.

4. It could save you from danger: not having airtime in your phone could cost you your precious life. here is one out of a million ways in which it could mar you; if robbers are raiding your house. they are in the living room with your parents and siblings not knowing there is some in the toilet right next to the living room. now you happen to be the one in the toilet and you want to tell you neighbor next door to rush to the police station in your street and report the issue immediately? how would you do it if you have no airtime? remember borrowing sometimes does not work even if you are eligible due to network issues. if you delay trying to borrow before texting your neighbor, they might find you before you do.

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