Check Out These Black Dolls That Are Just Perfect For Your Kids


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It is interesting to know that there are dolls out there that look like us. These are a list of black dolls available around the world, as well as in Nigeria put together by

Angelica Sweeting created this doll as her way to improve her daughter’s self esteem. The final product is a beautiful 18-inch vinyl doll, called Angelica, with facial features true to women of colour and hair you can style/wash as natural hair.

Queen of Africa Dolls (Nigeria)

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The three primary dolls of the Queens of Africa Dolls collection symbolize Nigeria’s three largest ethnic groups: Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Each doll also comes with an informational pamphlet discussing the ethnic group it represents. This doll is outselling Barbie in the country.

Nandikwa Dolls (South Africa)

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Owned and managed by Mmule Ramothibe, The Nandikwa Doll collection was developed to address the shortage of Black dolls in the market.

PoupeeMakedaa (France)

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PoupeeMakedaa is a France-based Etsy shop owned by Céline.  It offers unique afro-haired dolls in beautiful African print clothing.  Be ready to spend some money, because the items are handmade.

Unity Dolls (Nigeria)

via Auldon Toy World

Unity Dolls are 14-inch child developmental dolls that serve the purpose of meeting the demand of parents for dolls that reflect the social and cultural surroundings of kids in Nigeria.

Natural Girls United (United States)

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Natural Girls United was started by blogger Karen Byrd a few years ago.  She wanted to customize dolls hair, to have the styles and textures of ethnic women and girls.  The range of natural hair styles avaliable includes locs, kinky faux-twists, kinky braided updos, and afros.  Styles not already offered in the online store can be requested for.

Positively Perfect Dolls (United States)

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It’s created by Lisa Williams, a former college professor. Positively Perfect Dolls represent a very wide variety of skin tones and hair textures, showing the diversity of the Black race.

Makie Customizable Dolls (United Kingdom)

via My Makie

Imagine being able to choose what you want your doll to look like. That’s the whole point of Makies. The British toy company offers customizable dolls designed to look like the little girls they’re coming home to.

My Black Doll (Netherlands)

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Created in Netherlands, each natural-haired doll comes complete with a unique stylish outfit and a beautiful, full Afro. There are six dolls to choose from: Simona, Trichelle, Leticia, Kyara, Vanessa and Kailey.

Rooti Dolls (United Kingdom)

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The dolls were created by Chris and Ada Ngoforo, from London, who were concerned their children did not know about their West African roots. Each Rooti Doll can speak various African language with just the touch of a button. For example, Nina, who can speak Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and Ibibio and loves to watch  Nollywood movies.

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