Sad! How Robbers Killed Mother & Baby In Festac




Slain mother and child.

During the operation which lasted hours, a two-year-old toddler, Mmesoma Ndirika, and her mother, Jane, who were inside their apartment in an adjoining building, were reportedly hit by stray bullets from the bandits who were shooting sporadically in all directions.

According to Eyewitness report,

According to the witnesses, while some of them were inside one of the banks, another group broke into another  nearby bank, while others took positions in front of the area, at the same time shooting indiscriminately.

A commercial motorcyclist, popularly called Okada, who was close-by, was hit by bullets and he was said to have collapsed later after fleeing from the scene.

Another witness who was also inside one of the banks, told Vanguard:  “After the dynamite exploded, the bandits, who were dressed in army camouflage, invaded the banks threatening to kill anybody who attempted to confront them. They broke into all the rooms inside the bank and dragged everybody into the main banking hall.  While doing that, they were at the same time brutalising customers and hitting others with the butts of their guns.  They broke into the bank’s vault easily and carted huge sums of money away. ATMs were not spared as they also looted all the money in the machine. They operated simultaneously in the two banks, after which they escaped  through the same  canal they entered the area. In fact, as they were fleeing from the scene, they forced some butchers in a nearby market to help them load their massive loot into the canoe before escaping.”

May their souls rest in peace … amen!



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