Photos: Lamar Odom Passed Out On Brothel Bed After Sordid Overdose On Cocktail Of Drink & Drugs


Lamar Odom pictured passed out on brothel bed hours before he overdosed

The pictures were taken the night before Odom, 35, was found unconscious in the VIP suite of a Nevada brothel where he had gone on a $79,000 sex-and-drugs bender. They show him in the bed where he was found last Tuesday. On the bedside cabinet are what appear to be a copy of the brothel owner’s memoir Pimp, a sex toy and baby oil, circled. He was also photographed looking disheveled (left).

Today his condition was said to be improving in hospital in Las Vegas, where his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian is at his bedside. Love Ranch sources say the images were taken by one of the two prostitutes who Lamar picked out of a line-up when he arrived at the remote sex den in Crystal, Nevada, on Saturday. Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe visited him as often as six times a day for ‘private party sessions’ before entering his room and finding him unconscious at around 2:30pm Tuesday.

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